Imagine you could give your life a whole new direction. With just one click.

Julian Beeman, in his early 40s, is stuck. His small movie theatre in San Franciscos Mission District is in deep debt and the banks are demanding their money back. He hasn’t found the woman for his life yet either, so his favorite bar isn’t called Dead End for nothing. A new start is urgently needed. But how can that be done?

His best friend recommends the online platform Here, people swap their existence with each other in order to get a fresh start in someone else’s living environment. The offer Julian receives for his failed cinema life is absolutely fantastic. He never thought he would be allowed to live such a carefree life! But unfortunately, a lot of unexpected surprises soon turn up, forcing Julian to fight for his happiness once again. The good thing: This time he knows exactly how it should look, this happiness in life – because it has made click…

With a great deal of humour and wit, Katharina Reschke’s new novel tells of the promise of the Internet and the pitfalls that analog life holds in store.

A declaration of love to cinema!

Fischer Verlag