Katharina Reschke is the author of the novel LifeExchange (Fischer Verlag).
Like LifeExchange founder Hendrik Hendriksen in her novel, she is a big fan of swapping and sharing, and the belief that we all have the dream of another life experience.
„How often do I hear from someone, who is dreaming of owning a small caf√©, a bookstore, or a life by the sea,“ Katharina says. „Yet there is always something that keeps us from actually making it happen. With LifeExchange.club that fear is taken away, because it’s so easy, and the offer is so fantastic, that there’s no excuse left to not try.“
Since Katharina lives in San Francisco for a few months every year and witnesses the digital inventions and revolution that is created by the folks in the City and the nearby Silicon Valley, it was clear to her from the start that the story could only be set here.
„There is hardly another city where so many crazy ideas are made possible, that after a very short time already have become a taken-for-granted part of our lives. At the same time, San Francisco still has all those old, legendary places and movie theaters that are trying to survive and compete with the digital world and streamers. As a screenwriter I know too well about that conflict and can therefore empathize with my main character Julian Beeman, who is in danger of failing because of this balancing act between old and new.“