At the end of the day, we all do have this secret dream 
of a second life,
don’t we? The option of doing everything all over again
in a completely different way before our lifetime ends
once and for all.

Hendrik Hendriksen, Founder of was founded by Hendrik Hendriksen, and is currently one of the most sensational start-ups in the world. Never before has there been a website that allows people to exchange – or share – their living environment for another.
Thousands of new users join every day and are excited about the opportunity, which is so easy to implement, to start all over again and finally make long-cherished dreams come true. All of a sudden, one’s own life is no longer experienced as a cemented one-way street, but as a large bouquet of options to be tried out and enjoyed. The advantage: One does not have to build up an existence from scratch, but one starts from an already prepared nest, from which it goes on to new heights. increases the numbers of coworkers at present monthly and will expand soon beyond the USA into further countries. At the same time, an IPO is planned for this year.